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Encha Health (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned black empowered South African pharmaceutical company focussed on providing affordable access to high-quality medicines for all South African’s. At the centre of everything, we are ethical and completely committed to our people, who are our key resource. We are passionate about our country, South Africa, and the role we play in skills development and job creation in order to grow our business for the benefit of all.

Encha Health is a subsidiary of the Encha Group. For more information on the Encha Group click on the button below.

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We are motivated by our vision which is to ensure all South Africans have easy access to a wide range of the highest quality medicines at the most cost-effective prices.

Our Philosophy

At Encha Health we pride ourselves in the same underlying philosophy and values set by the Encha Group. This includes our undertaking to immaculate planning and execution; detailed and consistent application; and patience, discipline, resilience and integrity in all we do in our effort to achieve our vision.

Our Mission

Encha Health is a caring, empowered organisation that has a sustainable and unbeatable network of customers and suppliers, thereby ensuring that:

  • We are the partner of choice for the supply of product to government and donor organisations.
  • We have open and direct access to key decision makers amongst our identified customer base.
  • We are the most favoured partner throughout our supply chain for the most reliable, affordable and highest quality products.
  • Our people are highly trained, competent and confident to identify and service the needs of our customers and to take decisions across the entire business chain.
  • We are versatile, adaptable, fast and consistent in all we do.


Encha Health is the leading, South African based, Africa-focused healthcare business that provides access to proven quality products and services at fair and competitive prices for the care and benefit of all our people.



We engage always with mutual respect in trust and openness and are always confident to challenge positively in the spirit of co-ownership and belonging.


We subscribe fully and completely to the Encha Code of Ethics and will always be truthful in all we do.


We are brave, strong, resilient and patient at all times.


Above all else we are FAMILY.
We are caring, nurturing, fostering and supportive for all our people. We are Ubuntu (together) in all we do.