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We care deeply about the society in which we conduct our business.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The social responsibility program of Encha is EnchaCares.

Our society will only become a good society when all its people can have good and productive lives which allow everybody to grow their children in good circumstances, give them a good education, keep them in good health and give them a good opportunity to be good citizens themselves and live a life of dignity. To this end, Encha Cares supports programs which will give as many people as possible an opportunity to achieve this ideal.

EnchaCares Supports:

Holistic Early Child Development;

Teacher Development and Motivation;

Access to higher education for poor but deserving students;

Mentoring and support programs for emerging entrepreneurs and talented individuals; and

Research and thought leadership for the leadership development of a good society.

At Encha we strive to uplift our community and are constantly involved in various projects like the ones listed here below.


At Encha Health we recognise the importance of education and skills development and fully support these initiatives through our Group programme, the SJS MOSENEKE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION.


Encha has been awarded the Golden Leopard by Mistra in recognition of its contribution to the work of Mistra, as well as being recognised as a Corporate Donor in Mistra’s 2014/2015 Annual Report.


Tiego Moseneke is a founder Chairman of The South Africa Student Solidarity Foundation for Education, (SASSFE) a fund started by a group of concerned former student leaders in April 2016.


Miles Nzama and Tiego Moseneke, former student activists during the 1980’s and now business men, joined hands to build classrooms in a drive to alleviate overcrowding in our public schools.


In 2016, Encha walked for the South African Student Solidarity Fund for Education (SASSFE). The trust was launched by former University of the Witwatersrand (“Wits”) Student Representative Council (SRC) and Black Student Society (BSS) Presidents. Tiego Moseneke, the Chairman of Encha, is a a member of the management committee of SASSFE.